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When it comes to high-quality electrical services you can rely on here in the Miami area, Electrician Network is here to help you.

Whether you need a panel box upgrade or an electrical inspection before moving into a new home, you can count on us for timely service at competitive prices!

Don’t put yourself and your home at risk by trying to DIY your electric repairs. Call the highly trained experts at Electrician Network , and rest assured that the job will get done quickly and correctly.

As the premier Sunny Isles Beach Miami electrical company, you can always count on our skilled technicians to provide you with the quality electric repairs you need to keep your home functioning safely, effectively, and efficiently year after year.

Whether you’re in need of minor electrical repairs or need to rewire your home, our team of skilled electricians is up to the task and ready to help.

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Types of Electrical Repair Services We Provide

Like any major change, there are many things to consider when thinking about a house Sunny Isles Beach electrical repair services. It’s best to talk all these issues out with an experienced, licensed electrician but here are some things to consider.


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping Repeatedly

There are a few reasons for a circuit breaker to keep tripping, including:

The circuit breaker box is going bad

A circuit overload the breaker box cannot accommodate

A ground fault is occurring, meaning a hot wire is touching the ground

An appliance or wire is short-circuiting, meaning the electrical flow has gone outside the intended circuit

Humming and/or Buzzing Sound in Breaker Box

Little bit of humming or buzzing sound is natural , however, if you notice the buzzing or humming getting repeatedly louder, you may want deal with it quickly as it may mean the circuit breaker is overloaded. An overload heats the circuit wiring and can cause damage.

Unidentified Burning Smell

Are your smoke detectors being set off? Does the smell linger or come and go? You may want to inspect your appliances, all your outlets, ducts, and your breaker box to see if you can find the source of the burning smell.

Smoke Coming from an Outlet

A common issue with outlets is when dirt/dust builds up within. Electricity transfers to the dust and/or dirt, which causes arcing. Arcing creates heat, which is an immediate indicator of an electrical emergency that may start a fire. Other problems that can cause outlets to smoke include wiring issues, loose plug-in connections, and connecting too many devices to one outlet.

Lights Continuously Flicker

If your lights flicker sometimes , it’s likely a minor problem with your lightbulb or a switch. When they constantly flicker this signals a deeper problem such as a circuit overload, excess voltage, or loose wiring.

House is lacking outlets or enough power

Old outlets that are two-prong and therefore have no ground wire as a safety barrier An outlet or switch with loose screws or wiring makes the electrical current unstable Faulty appliances, including frayed wiring or broken cords that shock you when you plug them in Water sources near electricity, or touching outlets with damp hands

How Much Does an Electrical Repair Cost?

You can  rest easy knowing that Electrician Network  prides itself on providing quality Sunny Isles Beach electrical service at a fair and honest price.


What Makes Up the Cost of A Sunny Isles Beach Emergency Electrical Repair?

Many Factors  contribute to the cost of hiring an emergency electrician.

Location – If your electrician travels far to provide repair services, you can anticipate fees to cover mileage. The area in which you live may also be a factor – if you’re in a large, populated city vs. residing in a rural community.

Time – You can expect your electrician to bill for their time, so you should inquire as to whether the charges are a flat rate or by the hour.


Expertise & Certifications – The experience of your electrician will factor into your pricing – whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician. Certifications for specific services will also influence pricing as your electrician will be more knowledgeable on your specific need.

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Expertise & Certifications

The experience of your electrician will factor into your pricing – whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician. Certifications for specific services will also influence pricing as your electrician will be more knowledgeable on your specific need.

Parts Required – Replacement parts are one of big factors of cost. Your emergency electrician will discuss deeply with you the cost of the parts.  Depending on the parts you need, you can anticipate cost better. For example, replacing one faulty wire will cost less than rewiring an entire system.

Distance -Electrician Network  owned and operated locally,  making electricians consistently available to dispatch a service team that’s closest to your home.

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Why Electrician Network?

Why Hire a Highly Trained Electrician to Perform an Electrical Repair

Sunny Isles Beach  Electrical repair is more than just replacing light switches or checking tripped breakers. It involves hazardous work that only a highly trained and certified professional should take care of for you. If you’re thinking about DIY electrical projects, check out reasons below to avoid them and why you should hire an electrician.

  • Safety – Safety is the cornerstone of our business. Your and your family’s safety is paramount and can be at risk if you do electrical repairs yourself. You could accidentally start a fire or electrocute yourself. This is why we always recommend you contact us if you need a repair, installation, or replacement immediately.
  • Experience – With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and aptitude for fixing virtually any electrical problem you can think of. Our experience also means that you can trust that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.
  • Licensed – Anyone who works on your electrical system should be licensed to ensure everything is up to code and follows strict standards. Without a license, any Sunny Isles Beach  electrical work completed could be considered illegal and subject to problems. All of our electricians are licensed to work on your system and provide a worry-free experience.
  • Quality Work – Performing complex electrical tasks yourself may result in unintentional faulty work that causes your system to malfunction. With our team and U-Win Guarantee, we assure you our workmanship is high quality, and we’ll fix any of our work that doesn’t meet your expectations free of charge.
  • Timely –  We’re On Time, You’ll See our electricians arriving at your home or business on time.

    Communication – Open communication is key with anything, especially when it comes to having your electrical system repaired effectively.


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