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Lighten Up Your Home with Our Indian Creek Lighting Installation Services

Are you still using old incandescent lighting? The certified technicians at Electrician Network can help you make the switch from the use of incandescent lighting to the use of LED lighting. This is a great way to upgrade the lighting in your home. LED lighting is a highly energy-efficient lighting technology. It uses 75% less energy, and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. This can equal substantial money savings throughout the year. 

When you next consider installing or updating the lighting in your home or business, give us a call and you’ll discover all the advantages of hiring a professional electrician for your home or business 
Indian Creek lighting needs.

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We offer outstanding service in the installation of the following types of lighting:

Old lighting can also cost you money and make your home less eco-friendly. Ask about our LED retrofit services, and push your home into a greener and brighter future.

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Traditional Light Fixture

For lighting that dazzles and complements any room, traditional lighting fixtures work best when incorporated into your traditional interior decoration scheme. Let us help you install the exact lighting that fits your interior design vision.

Track Light

We specialize in track lighting installation. Track lighting is a modular and very adaptable way to light any space. With even one installation of track lighting, you can have a lighting solution that perfectly illuminates any room.

Recessed Light

Low profile and recessed lighting is perfect for any homeowner wanting a lighting setup that blends into a room with minimal visual interference. Recessed lighting requires a very specific type of installation, and it should always be installed by a professional electrician. Call us today for more information on recessed lighting installation.

Energy Efficient Light

Energy efficient lighting is a common sense way to care for the environment while at the same time tending to your budget. We can help you select LEDs or compact fluorescent lighting that will lead to long-term savings with your energy bill.

General ceiling lights are great for small rooms because typically, one light can light the entire room with ease. This avoids clutter on the ceiling. However, if the ceilings are low, you may stick with recessed lights to keep the room as open as possible.


If a ceiling fan isn’t needed though, you can also opt to install track lighting. They’re convenient, offer tons of light, and can also be moved to showcase different areas of the room in case you have a reading nook or work of art you want to showcase.

The Difference Between Recessed Lights and Ceiling Lights

General ceiling lights and recessed lights are two of the most common lighting options in every home. Whether you are building a home or moving in and wanting to change the lighting around, you are probably looking at these two options for lighting your home.

That said, you must be able to tell the difference before you can decide which you would prefer.

General ceiling lights

Use incandescent and fluorescent lightbulbs

Wide range of styles, shapes, and colors to add style to the room

Provide sufficient amounts of light

Recessed lights

Lights the room with a minimalistic approach

Seamless visual appeal

Great for rooms with low ceilings

Less voltage used


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