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Biscayne Point, Electrical Inspections

Home and business Biscayne Point electrical inspections are a smart investment when preparing to sell, build or purchase a house or building. At Electrician Network , our technicians work to identify code violations and preserve occupant safety. Depending upon your needs, this service may include:

  • Main circuit panel inspection
  • Outdoor wire attachment & meter inspection
  • Location of outlets & key fixtures
  • Assessment of wiring & Biscayne Point electrical supply adequacy
  • Electrical Code Correction Services

Biscayne Point Electrical codes are designed to protect the integrity of your property and the safety of its occupants, so we advise bringing all electrical systems up to code as quickly as possible. Upon completion of your visual electrical inspection, our electricians offer code correction services that prepare your home or business for purchase or sale.


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8 Common Electrical Code Violations

Like any major change, there are many things to consider when thinking about a house Biscayne Point electrical inspection services. It’s best to talk all these issues out with an experienced, licensed electrician but here are some things to consider.


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Installing the wrong circuit breaker or failing to install circuit breakers

Circuit breaker boxes contain switches that “trip”, or turn themselves off to stop the flow of electricity in specific parts of a home if the electrical current in that particular area exceeds preset limits. When a switch is tripped, the circuit breaker needs to be manually reset to return the current to its preset level. Some circuit breakers will automatically reset without human intervention. Neglecting to install the right circuit breaker (or none at all) is not only an electrical code violation but will also put your and your family at high risk for a fire raging in the wall on which the circuit breaker box is attached.

Switch locations do not have neutral wires

Most automated light switches require a neutral wire. Switches that don’t need a neutral wire will give you incandescent lighting only. If your home uses fluorescent, LED and other light devices under 20w, you must use a neutral wire or be in violation of electrical codes. The purpose of a neutral wire involves completion of the 120-volt AC circuit, which it accomplishes by providing a safe avenue back to an electrical panel. Here, the insulated neutral wire connects and bonds to the ground to prevent accidental electrocution.

Neglecting to install tamper resistant receptacles

The 2014 edition of the NEC requires all new or renovated homes/dwellings install tamper resistant receptacles with spring-loaded coverings (shutters) that protect contact slots in the receptacles. When you insert a plug into one of these TR receptacles, you compress both springs so that shutters open to allow insertion of a plug’s metal prongs. Since two springs need to be compressed simultaneously, a child inserting something into just one opening won’t cause electricity to flow into the receptacle. Even if you do not have children, your new or renovated dwelling must have tamper resistant receptacles.

Not installing enough receptacles

The National Fire Protection Association estimates nearly 50,000 dwelling fire in the U.S. happen every year due to overloading an electrical system not equipped with enough receptacles. To compensate for lack of outlets, homeowners are quick to rely on extension cords not designed to handle large amounts of electricity. Signs of overloaded circuits that could cause fires include dimming/flickering lights, frequently tripped breakers and getting a slight shock when you plug in an appliance.

Leaving outdoor receptacles uncovered

Although this seems like a no-brainer, many building owners don’t think of the dangers involved with leaving an electrical receptacle exposed to the elements. If your dwelling has outdoor receptacles that aren’t shuttered, you are in violation of an electrical code that could delay the sale of your home or even reduce the value of your home.

Failing to install ground fault circuit interrupters

Ground faults occur when electricity escapes wiring and takes a direct shortcut to the floor. When ground faults pass through a person, the result could be a deadly electrocution. This is why the National Electric Code requires GFCIs in outdoor receptacles and in new or renovated bathrooms, kitchens, unfinished basements and crawl spaces.

Outdated wiring in homes over 50 years old

Electrical wiring in dwellings constructed before 1970 may be in violation of local or regional electrical codes. Aluminum wiring widely used in the 70s may be safe but could present safety issues if connected to copper wiring. Older homes with aluminum wiring will probably need an inspector to confirm it has been properly installed, a complicated procedure best left to professionals.

Improperly configuring panels

DIYers aggravated by a constantly tripping fuse or breaker often may hastily replace the offending breaker with a larger capacity breaker. In addition to being extremely dangerous, it is also illegal to have wrongly configured panels and is in direct violation of electrical codes. A breaker is matched to load capacity and wire size. Larger breakers allow more and more current to flow through before they trip, catch on fire or blow out your home’s electricity system. Adhering to electrical codes means living safely in your home, having appliances and fixtures that operate smoothly, saving on troubleshooting electrical problems, reducing your energy costs and maintaining a higher property resale value on your home.

How Much Does an Electrical Repair Cost?

You can  rest easy knowing that Electrician Network  prides itself on providing quality Biscayne Point electrical service at a fair and honest price.


What Makes Up the Cost of A Biscayne Point Electrical Repair?

Many Factors  contribute to the cost of hiring an emergency electrician.

Location – If your electrician travels far to provide repair services, you can anticipate fees to cover mileage. The area in which you live may also be a factor – if you’re in a large, populated city vs. residing in a rural community.

Time – You can expect your electrician to bill for their time, so you should inquire as to whether the charges are a flat rate or by the hour.


Expertise & Certifications – The experience of your electrician will factor into your pricing – whether they’re an apprentice, journeyman, or master electrician. Certifications for specific services will also influence pricing as your electrician will be more knowledgeable on your specific need.

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Electrical Home Inspection

Biscayne Point Electrical Home Inspections are fast and affordable. By making sure you have a thorough electrical inspection completed by a qualified Electrician Network electrician before buying, selling, or remodeling a home, you can help ensure your home’s electrical system functions at the top safety level.


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Why Electrician Network?

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To ensure the safety and compliance of your new or existing home, trust Electrician Network electricians to manage your visual inspection and Biscayne Point electrical code corrections. We look forward to hearing from you!

All of our skilled technicians at Electrician Network who work in your home or business are professionally trained, background checked and drug tested. 

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