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Whether you need landscape lighting, new porch lights, or motion-sensing safety lights, we have the skills to help.

Once your outdoor lighting is taken care of, move indoors and add complete customization with our indoor lighting solutions including LED retrofits!

Bal Harbour Outdoor Lighting Installation

Electrician Network Bal Harbour can light up your deck, patio or yard with energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions. Our certified technicians can install, service and repair outdoor receptacles, making it easy for you to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Start enjoying your nights outside, relaxing comfortably in your personal, well-lit outdoor paradise.

All of our skilled technicians at Electrician Network Bal Harbour who work in your home or business are professionally trained, background checked and drug tested. Our technicians also drive fully stocked trucks to ensure they are able to get the job done the first time out to your home or business.

Turn your yard into an outdoor oasis or add some safety features to your Florida  home with outdoor lighting solutions from Electrician Network ..

As a homeowner, you are probably constantly looking for ways to enhance the value of your home, both aesthetically and financially. Curb appeal is a popular concept when it comes to real estate. Indeed, much of the perceived value of your home is seen only from the outside. Good landscaping is one of the best ways to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your property. But, most often, your landscape is only visible in the daytime. No landscaping project should be considered complete without installing the proper outdoor lighting. At Electrician Network , we’ve helped hundreds of San Diego, CA homeowners tap into the outdoor beauty of their homes by installing outdoor lighting. 

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Types of Outdoor Lighting

Enhancing the beauty of your home is a direct investment in what is likely your most valuable asset. A simple way to add curb appeal to your home is by installing or upgrading your outdoor lighting. Popular options for adding aesthetic appeal and increased safety to your home include:


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One of the benefits of owning an older home is that often the landscaping is already established. Installing landscape lighting can add a lot of enjoyment and beauty to your home by making your landscape admirable even at night. It can also be a great way to showcase a specific plant or topiary you’ve worked hard to maintain.


An outdoor entertainment area is a great way to utilize your outdoor space. Whether you are lighting around a pool or a deck, choosing the right lighting options can influence the beauty and function of the space. Step lighting is also a good idea to keep your guests safe as they enjoy your outdoor space.


Dramatic wall sconces around your entry doors or stylish post lights are great ways to change the look of your home. With help from the pros at Electrician Network , we can help you choose the right lighting and wire them for your convenience so you can control them with the flip of a switch.


Motion-sensing lights are also a great way to deter criminal activity. Burglars usually look for dark corners of your property to try and break-in. With motion-sensing light fixtures, you can scare away would-be burglars that may try and break into your home by startling them when the lights sense their presence.

Once your landscape is taken care of, look indoors for more inspiration. We also offer expert indoor lighting solutions and can help you enjoy a warm and comfortable home.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

If you’ve ever stumbled around in the dark, you know the value that lighting has by simply being able to see your surroundings. But, there are other perks as well. Lighting up your landscape can help you highlight the beautiful features that you have worked hard to cultivate. Furthermore, lighting your landscape can also help deter pests that feed on your ornamentals at night.

Safety is another important benefit of outdoor lighting. Walkways and staircases can be lit to make them safer to navigate and motion-sensing lights can be added to increase security around entry doors. Installing motion-sensor activated lighting in your driveways, patios, and carports can keep you from being left in the dark when you arrive home after nightfall.

Leaving outdoor lighting on all day wastes electricity and is totally unnecessary when you install motion-sensing lights. Motion-sensing lights will remain off all day, saving electricity, and come on upon your arrival home, lighting your way into your home.


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